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Mixed-signal integrated circuits for audio, video, networking and wireless communications. Audio ADC, DAC, DSP & Codecs; Video Encoders & Decoders; Networking products & Compass/Magnetic Sensors.

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Bel Group


MagJackTM integrated connector modules and passive connectors, magnetics and transformer modules for LAN, broadband and telecom applications as well as circuit protection devices and DC/DC converter modules

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Bel Power

AC-DC Front-ends; AC-DC Open Frame and DIN-Rail Power Supplies; AC input cassette-style converters; modular, linear and high power AC-DC products. Embedded DC-DC converters, including Bus, Isolated and Non-Isolated, Digital POLs and power conversion producst for RF amplifier applications. Rugged power solutions and power conversion for eMobility.

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Leading Supplier of Internal, External and Board Mount AC-DC Power Supplies and DC-DC Converters. With design expertise, willingness to customize and a focus on quality, Bel CUI provides you with a diverse selection of package configurations, input and output voltage options, protections, and special features.

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Signal Transformer

Transformers, inductors and high frequency magnetics, these wire wound magnetic solutions are found in any power conversion application

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KOA Speer

Resistors – Film & Metal Oxide, Networks, Coils, Inductors, Circuit Protection, Ferrites, SMD & Leaded components

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LEDs, Character Displays, Lamps, Opto-Electronics, Custom LCD Screens, Filament Lamps, Lightpipes

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Leading provider of the world’s most popular microcontrollers (PIC, AVR and ARM), power management, mixed signal, interface, timing semiconductors, Hi-performance multi-touch capacitive touch controllers, memories, wired and wireless communications and secure and crypto authentication products. Lower total system cost and faster time to market. Radiation tolerant and space-rated ICs, memories, processors and analog products.

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Designs and manufactures leading edge PCAP and Resistive and Touch products led by their cutting-edge multi-touch technology. Mildex also offers full System Integration including Optical Bonding of touch screen panels. Mildex’s short design cycles and ability to customize allows them to be able to meet diverse project requirements in a timely manner.


Henkel is a brand leader in dispensing and manufacturing liquids. Everything from Locktite, adhesives, thermal Interface material (Gap Pads and Gap Fillers) sealants, compounds, coatings, lubricants, underfills and more.


Quality wire & cable manufacturer of standard and custom products which include Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, Data Retractable cords and continuous flex cables for Harsh Environments, commercial data, Digital A/V & Lighting and general purpose applications with multiple stocking locations for quick order turnaround.

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Distributors : Allied Wire & CableIEWCAnixterPacer Group


Capacitors. Aluminum Electrolytic / Polymer / Film Capacitors / Double Layer Capacitors.

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Distributors : ArrowDigi-KeyEdge ElectronicsFutureMouserNRCNewark


SMART Modular Technologies

Global leader in the design & manufacture of specialty memory solutions including DRAM modules (SO-DIMM) and flash based SSDs of all form factors.

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Distributors : Arrow, Avnet, Future, Mouser


Memory Component Manufacturer of DRAM, Low Power DRAM and eMMC. Smart Semi offers continuity of supply, competitive pricing, responsive service, Tier 1 component compatibility, high quality, and reliability. Smart Semi also offers long product life cycle support and extended LTB/EOL transitions.

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YS Tech

Thermal controlled solutions – AC DC Axial fans, blowers, vapor chambers, heat pipes Standard and Customized solutions including extended temp and IP ratings.

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